About Angklung

Angklung is an instrument made from joints of a piece of bamboo. The use of angklung is swayed and shaken by hand. This instrument has been known since a long time ago in some places in Indonesia, especially in West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali. The word “Angklung” was originated from Sundanese “angkleung-angkleungan”, that means the movement of angklung player and the sound “klung” that comes from the instrument.

iAngklung Apps

iAngklung is an application Angklung music instrument. How to play it like playing a real angklung, by the shaking. In addition to the ways shaken, can also be played on the slide by using a finger, left and right.


  • Real instrument with best quality sound
  • New look with enhanced features
  • Easy to use on Settings Page
  • Angklung Calculator removed, will soon be made into a separate application.


Download iAngklung for iOS Apple (Free) 

Download iAngklung for Android (Free)